Aug 30, 2013

Balzac is a fluid, responsive theme, designed by Cole Townsend, and ported to Siteleaf by Jonnie Hallman.

Download from Github

Improvements over Jekyll theme

  • greatly simplified template system, reducing to one for pages and one for posts (feature/no-feature/light-feature templates can be used through metadata feature and dark)
  • refactored layout code to wrap content instead of including separate head/footer includes on every template
  • removed head-dark include by adding dark metadata field
  • extracted comments and sharing snippets to includes
  • replaced complex excerpt template code with Siteleaf’s excerpt variable
  • removed Entypo icons from repo and replaced with links to Symbolset CDN
  • removed all images (feature images should be uploaded to Siteleaf site to decouple from codebase)
  • added Guardfile to watch SASS files and compile/compress when changed

Original Features

  • flexible, uses max-width for responsive goodness
  • responsive drop down menu
  • retina images using @2x
  • post loop in the footer showing 3 latest posts
  • custom portfolio page for case studies